What We Do

The mission of the Institute for Feminism and Religion is to provide affordable, effective rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol to women at all ages, using the patient’s faith and feminism as tools to create a personalized treatment plan. Our goal is to empower women by structuring an environment where women can help each other, help themselves.

The Institute for Feminism and Religion offers both in-patient and out-patient treatment programs. The length of treatment for an in-patient varies based on personal needs and preferences, but the stay at our facility is typically around 30 days. We offer every comfort imaginable during your stay, including plush, king-sized beds, full private bathrooms, and an indoor/outdoor pool. Out-patient treatment options are highly customizable and are measured by hours rather than by days. Out-patients can participate as many or a few hours per week as they’d like, as long as they meet the standards agreed upon before treatment.

Along with our in-patient and out-patient programs, the Institute for Feminism and Religion also offers many ongoing services, such as counseling, group meetings, and activities. You may participate in these even if you have never been an in-patient or out-patient with us. You can meet with a talk therapist at our facility, or arrange to have one of our highly trained professionals counsel you in your own home. We offer group meetings for ongoing rehabilitation, and several events at different times of the day to meet with other women and engage in fun, therapeutic activities to support your ongoing recovery.

We accept most forms of both public and private health insurance. We also work on a sliding scale fee based on income, to make treatment affordable even if you are not currently covered by health insurance. Payment plans are available, so full costs are not due at the time of checking in.