Our Life

If you have never been to a treatment center before, first let us applaud you for taking this important step towards your recovery. It can be daunting to try any new experience, and we respect you choosing to take this journey here with us at the Institute for Feminism and Religion. Our fully-trained and certified staff strives to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Accommodations for in-patients include private or shared rooms (based on preference and suggested treatment method), with king-sized beds and private bathrooms. We also have a gym and an indoor/outdoor pool with a sauna and hot tub within our facility. Our dining hall offers a healthy, organic menu capable of meeting any special dietary restrictions or needs, and patients have the options to take their meals to go as well.

The Institute for Feminism and Religion provides full physical and psychological evaluation and treatment. We can prescribe medication, including medicines that can make detoxing and withdrawals as easy as possible while working on your treatment plan. Medication is never mandatory but is often a helpful tool for those who meet the criteria for prescriptions.

Patients may receive visitors and phone calls at specified times of day and are permitted to make outgoing phone calls and have Internet access at any time. No part of a stay at the facility is mandatory; patients can check in and out at any time; however, duration of stay will be discussed before check-in, and can be adjusted according to progress and personal needs throughout the stay.

Among the many daily activities our patients enjoy are yoga, guided meditation, group hikes, solo hikes with a staff member, swimming, tennis, basketball, kickball and more. We also offer knitting, crocheting, sewing, cooking, painting and drawing classes. We show movies and play games every night, and have an extensive library collection for patients to enjoy. The Institute for Feminism and Religion seeks to heal the mind and body through mindful activities that cultivate healthy habits that can be applied outside of the treatment center.

At the core of the Institute for Feminism and Religion is the belief that women are uniquely magical beings, and when women come together, wonderful things can happen. Throughout treatment, we strive in every way to honor or help you find your feminism and spiritual or religious beliefs. We will never judge you or try to force a belief system on you, but instead, use your beliefs in your personalized treatment plan. We want to help women build up and strengthen each other, and use these tools outside of the facility to empower other women.

More than a rehabilitation facility, the Institute for Feminism and Religion works with patients beyond the treatment period to help them adjust to life outside of the treatment center. We provide career counseling and family support to help change or rebuild your life after leaving our facility. We believe rehabilitation is an ongoing process and will be there to support you every step of the way.