How Differently Does Addiction Affect Men and Women

How Differently Does Addiction Affect Men and Women

If you are wondering if addiction affects the individuals of each gender differently, then the answer is a resounding yes. Addiction affects women differently than it does men. When you have individuals of two genders, there is a huge difference when it comes to the effect it has.

The Difference in Active Addiction

Women experience what is known as active addiction differently than men do. The difference is sometimes drastic, while at other times it is subtle. Let’s look at some of the ways addiction differs in men than in women.

Drug Use

Men will often use drugs that are harder and hit faster than drugs women would choose. This is a generally true fact, although women may use hard drugs as well. Men may be using drugs like heroin while women are more likely to abuse pills. This also depends on your location, as harder drugs may be more common in rougher sections of the local area and may be more frequented by men while women will opt for the safer option.

Selling & Purchasing Drugs

To continue expanding on the point above, there is a difference in the way men and women purchase and sell drugs. Women may not feel safe going to some areas that supply certain types of drugs, leading them to partake in drugs that are easier to procure. Women may be more likely to be sexually assaulted when purchasing or selling drugs – men do not often have this fear.

Men may be willing to go into rough areas to make purchases. They are also more likely to sell drugs, as there are a lot of risks involved and violence may also occur.

The Addiction Stigma

There are different stigmas for men and women who are using drugs. Women are more likely to be sexualized and criticized for their drug abuse than men are. Even other addicts may look down on women for being addicted to certain drugs.

Men, on the other hand, faceless backlash when it comes to drug addiction. There is also a stigma when it comes to male victims of domestic violence – men are seen as dominant and strong, so admitting that they can be abused or sexually assaulted is not something many people are willing to acknowledge.

Addiction & the Body

Addiction affects every person differently, but some trends tend to occur in female addicts. They may get high when using lower amounts of the drug due to several biological factors. This also means it can do more damage to the female body. Women can also become pregnant while on drugs, altering the way drugs are metabolized and eliminated from the body.

There are astounding differences when it comes to how addiction can affect both men and women. If you are a woman, or if you know a woman, that is battling addiction, seek help from a professional. Women do not seek help as often as men, but both genders deserve addiction treatment to live a normal and functional life.