Who we are

The Institute for Feminism and Religion is a women’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center located in Boston, Massachusetts. We are a non-profit, non-denominational organization.

We do not try to change or convert your beliefs, but rather to work with your own ideas of faith and feminism as tools in your personalized recovery plan. If you’re not quite sure what your personal beliefs are, we can help you discover them.

The Institute for Feminism and Religion is a unique institute offering several treatment options both in and out of our facility for women of all ages living with addiction. It is our goal to provide rehabilitation to women at an affordable rate while easing the transition into the world where they found their addiction in the first place. The Institute for Feminism and Religion offers a unique support network and forms of treatment emphasizing what it means to be a woman with an addiction, and how to use the faith of any religion or spirituality as a healing tool.

Patient feedback has revealed that women battling addiction feel more secure and comfortable in an environment of all women. At the Institute for Feminism and Religion, we seek to create a nurturing environment where women can come together and heal each themselves and each other.