Institute For Feminism And Religion

We do not try to change or convert your beliefs, but rather to work with your own ideas of faith and feminism as tools in your personalized recovery plan.

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Understand your situation | How can we help

The mission of the Institute for Feminism and Religion is to provide affordable, effective rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol to women at all ages, using the patient’s faith and feminism as tools to create a personalized treatment plan.

Our goal is to empower women by structuring an environment where women can help each other, help themselves.

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How Can We Help

  • Your History

    Your History

    First of all, your history is most important thing we need, our doctors will assist you as much as they can after asking some basic questions and then make a road map towards health.

  • Addiction Risks

    Addiction Risks

    This could be the second part, the risk is based on your condition, where you stand and what most important things you should start immediately, we will help.

  • Updates


    Our experts will keep in touch with you from start to end. They will specialized for this and you never feel alone throughout the process we follow.


Figures speaks our contributions

  • 68%

    Cancer Recovery

  • 80%

    Addiction Programs Success

  • 56%

    Avoid Risk & Rehabilitation

  • 70%

    Quit Drug Program

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